how to simplify your beauty routine

my beauty routine usually takes me about 30 minutes.

for most of the women i know, that’s about half the time it takes them. it’s because i don’t use most of the products they use.

and the less i use the products, the more i realize, i probably never needed them in the first place.

why we use beauty products

now i’m not a crazy feminist (i’m a humanist… but that’s a topic for another time) but i also know the history of why we even have a beauty routine:

to compete with prostitutes for sex.

sounds pretty harsh but most makeup was created to make prostitutes look more… alive… and therefore more desirable.

think about it, we do what makes us look “pretty”. but what constitutes pretty? and pretty for whom? and where did your standards of pretty come from? did you choose them? if not, why continue to choose them?

our hair, our face, our scent, our painted nails, vagazzling… you name it, most of it came from the desire to be desired.

and because we’ve been told we’d be ugly without it. the beauty industry makes billions of dollars off of telling us we’d be more fuckable if we’d simply use their products.

what’s even crazier is that most men don’t even give a shit about how much makeup you wear or how you do your hair. so our impossible beauty standards aren’t their fault, they are our own fault because we have taught ourselves to compete with each other.

and don’t get me started on the current makeup trend that makes every girl who uses it look almost exactly the same… highlighting and contouring so that by the time they’re done with the war paint, they’ve completely changed their entire facial structure. ewww. RANT!

why i stopped using most beauty products

  • i decided to be comfortable in my skin
  • the more i read about them and what they contain, the less i wanted to use them
  • i don’t like how they interact with my body
  • i’m cheap

my current beauty routine is:

  • in the shower: no body soap but sometimes a sugar scrub, conditioner only hair wash. shave.
  • out of the shower: natural deodorant, cruelty-free hair mousse, blow dry, cruelty–free mascara, perfume… and sometimes i paint my nails.

how to simplify your beauty routine

  • the number one most effective way to simplify your beauty routine is to decide that you’re beautiful without it – it can take some serious work but it’s the most attractive thing you can do! plus, you’ll like yourself a whole lot better. develop self-confidence and self-esteem and learn to be comfortable in your skin. then use beauty products to simply enhance the beauty you already have. it’s weird. when i’m feeling pretty, i usually wear less makeup, or none at all. because i’ve decided that i don’t give a shit if anybody else thinks i’m pretty. my opinion is the only one that matters.
  • the second most effective way to simplify your beauty routine is to focus on the essential and get rid of everything else – i have blonde eyelashes, so i wear mascara. i also have dark circles under my eyes, so sometimes i wear concealer. that’s. it. if i’m going out, i wear eye-shadow. figure out the bare minimum you need/want and just use that. don’t try to camouflage and change your facial structure… love your natural face!
  • go no-poo – there are lots of different ways to do this, just google it! i’ll write a post for you about how i do it.
  • switch to natural deodorants & perfumes – aluminum in deodorants are directly linked to cancer. why continue to put that on yourself? BUT there’s a right and wrong way to go au natural… that’ll be a post as well! i also like to use essential oils as perfumes, since they don’t have that awful chemical smell that most perfumes have.
  • minimize your closet – most people only wear 20% of what they own… why not have a closet full of ONLY your favorite things?! figure out your preferred style, then check out Project 333 for ideas on how to create capsule wardrobes.
  • go cruelty free – you wouldn’t personally test on animals or put animal parts on your face or skin a rabbit and make it’s fur into shoes, would you? why buy products from people who do? zero logic. and if you love leather, there are plenty of vegan options or use recycled leather. never buy it new – it contributes to the animal cruelty problem.

the benefits of going au-natural

other than becoming more of a whole, complete, confident person, i’ve saved so much money because i don’t buy a bunch of stuff i don’t need. i’m also not slathering myself with stuff that may or may not be harmful to my body.

Do you have any natural/simple beauty recommendations?

10 things I’ve learned from 7 years of being minimalist

10 things i learned from (1)it blows my mind that it’s been almost a decade since I embraced my “fuckit” moment and decided to march to the beat of my own drum!

when I tell people i’m minimalist, I get a wide range of reactions. people judge themselves, often harshly, saying things like “i try but…” to flat out incredulity and rejection of the idea of it. some people try to justify themselves and their stuff – and debt – habits.

what they don’t know is i’m just over here like:


there’s a whole lot of misunderstanding around minimalism and what it means to become a minimalist.

the term minimalism evokes images of stark, intentional poverty, extreme stoicism, and a militant attitude about it.

when I went minimalist, my dad asked, tongue-in-cheek, if my plan was to live under a bridge! and the rest of my family thinks I hate money and just want to live in poverty.

the truth is that I might still find a bridge to live under… if it’s out in the country and it’s one of those pretty stone bridges with a creek running under it and I can park my camper there! and I LOVE money. money, freedom and time.

that’s why i went minimalist and probably why it would be hard to get me to go back.

10 things i’ve learned from 7 years of being minimalist:

what it is

  • first and foremost, living simply is all about getting yourself under control, becoming your own master, if you will. most of us have been running around like chicken’s with our heads cut off, letting social norms dictate how we behave and live our lives and then we wonder why most of america is on anti-depressants.
  • it’s about learning to be content. once you do that, you can intentionally create the life you want, which will be infinitely more fulfilling than mindlessly buying stuff because we’re told it will make us happy. I think the truth is that I don’t like being told what to do, so I don’t watch tv or listen to a whole lot of radio or buy a whole lot of stuff because that’s exactly what advertisements are… avenues for people to tell me what to do. #oppositionaldefianceftw!
  • simplicity helps us to free up our most valuable resources: time, money and brainspace, to focus on the shit that really matters to us: going on adventures, hobbies, family, travel, gettin’ freaky with that cute boy across town… it really comes down to do i want to spend my money and my life taking care of all this junk or do i want the freedom and resources to go do interesting things?
  • simplicity extends to every aspect of life: relationships, spirituality, finances, diet, fitness… the list goes on.
  • it’s an exercise in trust – trusting that you will be happy, trusting that not having every new shiny object isn’t the end of the world, trusting that your life will most likely improve… it’s hard and it’s definitely a challenge to give up the life you’ve been programmed to want. but let me tell you, designing the life of your dreams because you’re not chasing after what somebody has told you that you want is OH SO SATISFYING!

what it isn’t

  • it’s not a choice to live in poverty – well, it can be, if you want. voluntary suffering can definitely throw into sharp relief just how good we have it. gratitude, man… gratitude. but you don’t have to do that in order to be minimalist or live simply or whatever… just get rid of the time/money/brainspace wasters.
  • you don’t have to grow a beard, wear plaid, move to Portland, build a tiny house and start an all organic, gluten-free farm. or, y’know, live out of a backpack. or renovate and live in a camper. you also don’t have to wear fringe or those ridiculous ankle boots with floral midriff shirts either… ok now i’m just hatin’.
  • it’s not about the amount of stuff you own – so long as you actually get value from your stuff and you’re not hanging on to it simply because you bought it or would feel guilty giving it up. at that point, your stuff owns you.
  • it’s not about what kinds of things you own – high follutin fancy home décor, sparsely placed in an all white house (although, that’s totally my taste preference)
  • it’s not an opportunity to feel superior to anyone else. it’s also not an opportunity to feel put upon by anyone else… it’s a freaking personal choice people. stop being victims.

living simply or being minimalist or whatever the hell you want to call it, is fully customizable. tailor it to fit you and your needs. adjust it over time. you WILL have to continuously declutter your life. don’t feel bad about it. i’m pretty sure humans are pack-rats by nature. for real, I have probably 10 blank notebooks that are currently owning me because I freaking LOVE paper!

if you’ve been curious about living simply or minimalist, there are tons of books out there about it but my current favorites are by organizational master Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy

your turn!

have you tried going minimalist or living a simple lifestyle? what have you learned?

if you haven’t tried it yet, where is the one area in your life you’d be super relieved to simplify?

going vegan

i’ve been trying to figure out how to share this post without sounding all preachy like some vegans are…

but GUYS i went vegan last september and it was so much easier than i thought!

i was initially worried that i would miss meat… particularly bacon… but i really haven’t had a hard time with it.

as i started cooking more and more plant-based meals, i noticed that all i really care about are the spices! as long as my food is spiced well, i don’t care what it is! plus, i was pretty much just using the same recipes i always used, i just wasn’t putting in the animal products. which is great because i was never a fan of the texture of meat or the taste of blood and don’t even get me started on how milk has ALWAYS grossed me out.

i know vegan is trendy right now and i kinda hope it stays that way.

because logically… why eat recycled nutrients when you can get them straight from the source? plus, humans are primates and most primates eat mostly fruit and veg.

Image result for primate teeth v human teeth

plus i’m a dirtwitch and i’m all about the environment and shiz like that and animal agriculture is the #1 planet killer. it fouls our water, uglies up our landscape and smells really, really bad… trust me, i’m from rural idaho where animal ag is huge. it stinks! not to mention the abhorrent conditions those poor beasties spend their lives in and the shitty treatment they receive.

i digress… i’ve also noticed that my post work-out recovery (when i do workout that is… #skinnyfatforlife) is shorter in duration and less painful!

also, adopting a more cruelty free lifestyle feels pretty good too!


if you’ve been considering going plant-based, i definitely recommend it! check out