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A little about me:

I’m the daughter of a musician (you can find him herehere and here… shameless plug for the dadman – not affiliate links) who taught me the importance of music, nature, travel and a loud mouth!

I’m a former nomad, a minimalist & an introvert who’s made her home in the desert with a rooted, extroverted, maximalist. You can usually find me in the kitchen, making amazing plant-based food, or out in a tent somewhere, trying to escape the rat race for a minute.

I’m a very amature photographer, you can find my photos here and here. I’m a certified Hypnotherapist (because, why not) & I’m obsessed with personal finance education and the idea of taking back our time, money and health.

I’m interested in just about everything and I only write when I’m moved to. This blog has no particular direction and will not be one of those super niched-down for-profit blogs. It’s simply a reflection of my thoughts, my adventures, my interests and probably some rants about some things that really chap my khakis.

That being said, I will have some affiliate links for things I like sprinkled in here and there, mostly so you don’t have to go dig the stuff up yourself. Just like with any affiliate links, if you make a purchase, I make a commission for referring you (at no extra cost to you).

If you dig my 2 cents, please follow and share! If you have questions, simply send me a note via the form below:

Any personal information gathered on this blog will NOT be shared, borrowed or sold. I hate that shit and I’m sure you do too. Information gathered will be solely for the purposes of whatever it is you’re purchasing and for email updates from me. If you click on a link that takes you to a website outside of dirtwitchadventures.blog, be sure to visit their privacy policy and terms & conditions pages, as I’m not responsible for what they do with whatever information you provide to them.

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