Smug vegan black-bean burgers

So I gotta say... I'm feeling pretty smug about my #vegan #blackbeanburgers... These hold up well on a bun AND you can snack on them raw without dying 😆 Oh yeah, and they're delicious too. Next time I'm going to try adding marinated mushrooms to them for texture! 1 can black beans 1cup cooked white … Continue reading Smug vegan black-bean burgers

The Gilbert Riparian Preserve | Introducing the #tinyadventures Initiative

Last Monday I got a chance to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in months because J.O.B. and skool. And homework. And dating. And whatever other excuses I have for being terrible at keeping up with my preferred people. But to be fair to myself, I did work 260 hours last month with … Continue reading The Gilbert Riparian Preserve | Introducing the #tinyadventures Initiative

An afternoon at Bartlett Lake

I grabbed my man, his kid and Herman the paddleboard and took off to a gorgeous oasis where saguaro lined desert mountains plunge straight into the green waters of Bartlett Lake in the Tonto National Forest.