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Hey, I’m Sarah.

I’m just a girl from the Snake River Plains of Idaho  (the most beautiful state you’ll likely never visit) exploring my surroundings and learning a thing or two about life.

simple – solvent – wild 
those are my guiding words. it took me until my 30’s to find them but now that i have, i look forward to implementing them as often as i can!

starting over is my M.O… I’m great at wiping the slate clean, picking a new adventure and going for it. I’m actually writing the book on it as we speak! here’s what i’m doing now.

i currently live in Phoenix, Az but I’ve lived in Nevada, Key West and Grand Canyon National Park!

you can usually catch me out on a secret-sneaky road trip, communing with the ancient saguaro, having lunch with a chuckwalla or hangin’ out at home watching netflix in my jammy-jams (we like em baggy and saggy!)

if you’re ever in the neighborhood and wanna go for a hike or get a cup o Joe, just drop me a line!