i’m going camping – for life

Cholla Tree

my biggest adventure this week was the inside of my house…

which means i’m a little stir-crazy!

but that’s ok, i’m working on becoming debt-free (i have a plan!), which means that there might be some weeks without wilderness-y type adventures. but it also means that, when all is said and done, i’ll have more of my income going toward adventures and savings and supporting our public lands (and wine…).

in the mean time, i’ll have to substitute with other creative endeavors like writing and chillin’ with my ukulele and a glass of pinot on my front porch.

one of the things i’m planning on doing to lower my cost of living so i can throw more money at my debt, is getting a camper to renovate and live in.

i know it probably sounds really weird that a person would want to live in a camper, but, to be honest, i’m a weird one.

i’m going camping – for life

i’ve actually been considering living in a camper for a really long time. like years. the smaller space of a camper fits my lifestyle so much better than an apartment or a house.

  • i’m kind of nomadic – sitting still for too long makes me feel stagnant and lethargic. there’s just SO MUCH TO SEE – having a camper as my home makes me more mobile.
  • i’m a minimalist – i don’t even have enough stuff to fill a studio apartment! and i don’t really like to buy stuff either. plus outfitting an apartment really doesn’t make sense to me since i’ll likely be moving out of it when the lease is up anyway, which means i’ll have a bunch of junk i’ll have to contend with when moving.
  • i’m cheap – i’d rather most of my money go into savings than be spent on a place i’m hardly ever in. purchasing a camper as a home means i’ll be mortgage free and i’ll always have cheap living expenses = more money freed up to pay off debt and stash in my bank account and wine fund.

i have a friend who flips campers as one of her income streams so i asked her what i should look for when buying a vintage camper. she came back with about what i thought she would:

  • water damage
  • plumbing problems
  • gas problems

i asked her about electrical lines but she said those usually work pretty well.

what type of camper should i get?

the criteria i’m considering when looking at campers are

  1. it needs to have just enough space that i won’t feel claustrophobic (one of the reasons i chose a camper over a van)
  2. it needs to be customizable – it’s why i’m going for an old vintage over a newer model; they seem to have more open layouts
  3. it needs to be in decent shape – i want to spruce it up, not start from scratch
  4. it needs to be ready to roll – good tires, good axle, good brakes & good tail lights

cross your fingers! hopefully my next post will include pictures of the cute little camper i’ve chosen to be my home!

your turn!

have you ever considered living in a camper? do you live in one now? any pointers on purchasing or renovating a camper? tips on awesome campgrounds or rv parks? let the opinions fly in the comments!



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