becoming trailer trash – how to find a decent, cheap camper

so… I kinda bought a camper this weekend.

it’s all a little surreal! i’ve wanted a camper for YEARS and now I have one! Talk about the power of intention! Especially focused intention mixed with action!

It all came about because i’m about 50 days away from my apartment lease being up. As we’ve previously discussed, I do NOT want to pay $700+ for a studio apartment that I don’t have enough stuff to fill and it sits empty all day.

So i’ve been in panic mode, intensively looking for a van or a camper to renovate and call home, lest i become homeless.

I went and looked at 2 in person and was more than a little disappointed in them. My budget was a tiny $1k but even the trailers at $2500 had extensive water damage!

I was beginning to become disheartened when my p.i.c. suggested we walk around the RV storage yard we happened to be in, after saying no to the second trailer. “Maybe we’ll find one for sale” he said.

Well, we strolled and happened upon this cute lil thang:


my heart leaped! It was exactly what I was looking for! Small, vintage and in relatively good shape!

we couldn’t see inside it because the doors/windows were locked and the shades were drawn but the outside was in such good shape, we decided to take the chance, took a picture of it, and went to the yard manager to ask if any campers were for sale.

He told us no but let slip that a lady asked him the other day what would happen if she just stopped paying her lot rent and left the camper there. We showed him the picture and asked if it was that one. He said yes and let slip the lady’s name but himmed and hawwed about whether or not to call her for us (probably because he didn’t want to lose her lot rent, even though she’d already threatened to abandon her property there). We left the yard a little bummed but not defeated…

we had a name.

And the internet!

We took a chance and looked her up and found her. There were lots of people with her first and last names but only one with the full name we were given. We couldn’t find a phone number but we did find an address.

“we could get shot” I worried.

“well, do you want the camper?” he asked.

“hells yes!”

“well then we’re going to go knock on the door”

and with that, we drove to her house, knocked on her door, shoved $500 into her hands and she signed the title over and handed us the keys! I paid less than half the price of the other campers I was looking at and it’s in arguably better shape!

how to find a cheap camper in decent shape

Go visit RV storage yards and ask if they have any campers for sale or anybody who’s been talking about wanting to sell, then PAY ATTENTION. You may get the manager to call the person for you but if they’re on the fence about it… and this might be questionable advice and the yard manager will probably get mad at you but… listen for a name, watch for a phone number or address… it might just work out in your favor!

to wrap up… the yard manager was super pissed but a little smooth talk calmed him down and, after i get 4 new tires on it, the little camper will be ready to roll to it’s new home!

your turn!

do you live in a camper? have you thought about it? do you have suggestions for a name for mine? haha!


2 thoughts on “becoming trailer trash – how to find a decent, cheap camper”

    1. Hi Mari! It’s a whole lot of work but it’s a rad lifestyle! i hope my tips come in handy for you when looking for yours!


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