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houston, we’ve sprung a leak! – camper demolition

some things:

  1. this is my new theme song. isn’t it the PERFECT #camperliving song?
  2. i promised a video walkthrough of my new camper! be sure to subscribe because i’ll be doing more videos of my progress and thoughts along with posting here.

I’m learning SO MUCH with this new adventure of mine! we painted the wheels as a fluffy feel good project… i’m thinking about doing the hubcaps in copper ๐Ÿ˜€


i have a list of things to do a mile long! some of which i knew i needed to do, like

  • get an air conditioner
  • seal the roof and seams
  • make sure the tail-lights work
  • check the brakes

and some i didn’t know like:

  • repacking the bearings in the axles
  • changing the fittings for the gas lines because they don’t fit the new propane bottles

and now…

we started demolition which was quite by accident! i wanted to do a brief test to see what all worked and what didn’t but HD had other plans!

houston, we’ve sprung a leak!

we plugged in the water, turned it on, and HD quickly became a fountain. it seemed like water was spraying from EVERYWHERE!

we got the water turned off, did some investigating and found the source of the flood was coming from a hole in the fresh water tank about an inch long and the width of a quarter.

who knew so much water could come from such a tiny opening!

in order to get to the tank, we had to get under the bed platform which required essentially tearing it out.

so that’s what we did!

i also removed the flip-down bed above the regular bed to open it up and make it feel a little roomier.

on the fence

i’m still on the fence about whether i want to rip it all out and start from scratch and create a super sleek interior or if i want to simply do something like this:

camper interior
found this photo on pinterest but i’m not sure who to credit! if you know, please link them in the comments!

or if i want to simply restore HD to her former glory…

what do you think?



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