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saying YES to your heart… and your next adventure

we all come to a point on our journey, many of us multiple times, where our hearts start to tell us that it’s time to move on.

it feels a little something like this:

  • stuck
  • lethargic
  • drained
  • hopeless
  • depressed

things that were important to us, no longer feel important, no matter how often we try to reinstate them into our lives.  in the words of The Vampire Lestat (that’s right, i’m going old skool)

The wine has no taste. The food
sickens you. There seems no reason
for any of it, does there?

i call this feeling uninspired and it’s when apathy and insanity creep in. the heart is trying to tell you it’s had enough but the brain tells the heart, “just one more try” or “what if we just stay here but do this instead?” or “this is what we’re supposed to be doing (according to arbitrary standards set by people who are no happier than you are).”

it happens when we choose to stay in a situation or with people who do not align with what makes us happy and it takes some out of the box thinking or even just keeping an eye open for opportunity in order to get out of it.

i say choose because literally EVERYTHING is a choice; although there’s some debate on whether or not we have any control over those choices.

i’m writing this today because i’ve recently caught myself in this apathetic, uninspired space where i feel lethargic, drained and tired all the time and i’m ready to say yes to my heart and change it up a bit. i’ve been in phoenix for a year and a half and i’m about ready to move on…

why even worry about it?

um… well, life is too short to live it uninspired!

we only have 100 years on this planet, if we’re lucky, and i intend to make the best of it by focusing on the things that, for whatever existential reason, matter the most to me.

plus, i’m pretty sure humans didn’t evolve to sit still. we were nomads, wanderers, artists and hunter/gatherers long before we were wallstreet tycoons and office bound paper pushers, spending our entire lives working to enrich somebody else… but that’s another post.

how to tell when you’re ready for the next adventure

sometimes it’s hard to know if your heart is pleading with you for a change of pace, especially when you’re smack in the middle of the numb, uninspired state.

here’s how i can tell when i’m in that space:

  • i pay more attention to politics
  • i catch myself looking for the worst in people, situations etc…
  • i become distrustful of others
  • i’m on my electronics more often: cell phone, computer, tv
  • i stop going to do outdoorsy type things

think about the things you do to escape from the reality that you’re not happy. this will help you in the future when trying to identify the pivot points in life!

how to say yes to your heart – and your next adventure

this part’s the hard part because we’re conditioned from a young age to just put up with feeling miserable. but there’s really only three steps to saying yes to your heart*

  1. acknowledge that you’ve been saying no and burying yourself in mindless distraction
  2. choose to say yes to changing your life
  3. change your life

that’s kind of a shortcut for this process and it’s probably all some of us will need to get started! but if you want something a little more in depth, i’m working on a guide that will help you work through making your life your own, with actionable steps to put your goals in concrete, not just concepts. i’m creating it because it’s something i wish had been available this whole time i’ve been trying to create this life of mine. hopefully it’ll help somebody else too! if that’s something that interests you, drop your email below and i will send out updates as i progress and let you know when it’s available!

*this is my process. feel free to apply it to your own life but i make no guarantee of results. you are responsible for your own actions, your own outcomes and your own life.


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