september 2017 reading list


in june, i crashed my poor little car (his name is stitch… like lilo and stitch).

not only was this annoying because it was the first crash i’ve been in that was my fault, but it was annoying because i had to drive a car with no a.c. during the hottest part of the summer.

in phoenix.

we’re talking 116-120 degrees, y’all! remember all that news coverage about how planes couldn’t fly because it was too hot? yeah, i was driving in that shit with no air conditioning.

i know, i’m a badass 😉

but that’s not all… i was also without my audiobooks! *GASP*

the car i was driving, i call him “the stallion”, also had no bluetooth or auxillary input for me to hook up my phone so i could access my audible account and all of my books! lord no! i suppose i could have listened to them via headphones but i think that’s frowned upon, so i was bookless throughout june and july while stitch was being repaired.

well, he’s finally healed and back in action, so now i can resume my bookworminess! yay!

2nd best thing about that?

i get to make a list!

My September 2017 Reading List

my goal is to listen to 1 book each week of the month. i could listen to more but i want to give myself time to absorb and reflect on the books i read.

now on to the list!

  • Boundaries by Henry Cloud – this is first on my list because i struggle with codependency and i’m trying to end that malfunction in my life so that i can hop off the struggle bus and build a life i actually like living.
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin – narrated by Elijah Wood (love that kid!)
  • Spark Joy by Marie Kondo – i might end up getting the physical book for this one since it’s got illustrated guides for how she does things
  • Tom Sawyer – narrated by Nick Offerman

my main focus is usually on personal development or business but i’d love to sprinkle some good fiction in there as well! I’m taking suggestions!

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