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Secular Holidays – Fall Equinox

oatmeal cookies

i recently wrote about how, since i let go of religion, i miss celebrating holidays. and not just the consumerist shells of holidays like christmas and easter, but real holidays that place value on real world events, family and community over theology and consumer goods.

i’m going to simplify my holiday celebrations and focus on those that center around REAL things like harvests and life and things you can see and measure, like equinoxes and solstices. because if i’m looking for an excuse to get drunk with friends/family and eat my weight in desserts on a day besides my own birthday, why not celebrate things like the earth spinning and tilting on it’s axis in it’s orbit around the sun?

GO UNIVERSE! #teamscience

my favorite “holiday” used to be Mabon – a neo-pagan holiday that celebrates the 2nd of three harvests along with the fall equinox that was ascribed to the Welsh god Mabon.

well i’ve decided to ditch the Mabon part of the holiday, along with all magical and supernatural traditions and beliefs and, instead, just go for reveling in the harvest and celebrating the equinox…

how to celebrate the fall equinox

i’m seriously a king-fat-kid-candy-holic-sugar-addict (that was a lot, i know, good job for getting through it) which would explain my love of the fall equinox: it’s the fruit harvest! apples and berries and gourds like pumpkins… holy shit GIVE ME ALL THE SUGAR! it’s the perfect excuse to make home-made wine/whiskey/what-have-you from the fruits of the harvest, and throw a potluck with seasonal fare, mountains of pie, and invite friends/family/the community out to imbibe last year’s homebrew and FEAST!

it’s the time when the air gets crisp and sweaters and boots are in vogue, red, gold, orange and brown leaved crunch under said boots and i have an excuse for cuddling under a blanket, sipping spiced apple cider – more sugar! it’s still warm enough to be outside without your bones getting cold, but cool enough to not sweat bullets.

around the fall equinox is the perfect time to load up a truck bed with blankets and pillows and head out into the country to watch meteor showers cross the sky.

 via pinterest

now, considering that it is the fall equinox, where night and day are equal in length, and the nights are going to start getting longer, it’s a good time to get all introspective and consider how you can bring more balance into your life and how you can sustain yourself and your happiness through the coming darkness of winter.  i’m becoming a huge fan of planning ahead. this would be a great opportunity to do that!

it’s also the last opportunity to do all of that spring cleaning and tidying you’ve been putting off since may, before you freeze balls trying to do it any time in the next 3 months. and who wants to clean then anyway? it would seriously cut into your crafting and hibernation during those months!

how would you celebrate the fruit harvest/fall equinox?

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2 thoughts on “Secular Holidays – Fall Equinox”

  1. !!!! I’m excited that there are people who think like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Years ago, I was dating an atheist whose family celebrated Winter Solstice. It intrigued me! My upbringing was Catholic but I rejected it officially when I got older. Researching the holidays, I found most all of them are based on celestial events. I figured I would “make it real” and celebrate them as my own holidays.

    In the last few years I have been invited to celebrate Mabon and Yule with friends. I take some of the Christmas traditions of my childhood (making cookies) and now make them for the Winter Solstice. I don’t celebrate Summer Solstice or the Equinoxes as much but they do serve as a reminder for me to find “Balance”.

    I enjoy camping, hiking and looking at the stars as well. In fact, I have been tossing around a trip in the next few weeks to do just that! I’m just waiting for some cooler nights as it’s been in the 90’s here in the midwest for the last week or so. (I know that may be a far cry from Arizona, last time I was there it was 115! (but it was a dry heat, lol )

    Thanks for your blog, it made my day!


    1. Hi Dave! I’m so glad you enjoyed the read! i love a lot of the traditional things around christmas and the other holidays too! they’re just fun things to do! i also like the idea of non-religious symbolism of some of the holiday activities, eggs meaning new life or staying up all night on winter solstice to welcome back the sun. their just so much simpler without religion!

      good luck with your camping trip! hopefully it cools off soon for you! it finally did a little here… thankfully!


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