going vegan

i’ve been trying to figure out how to share this post without sounding all preachy like some vegans are…

but GUYS i went vegan last september and it was so much easier than i thought!

i was initially worried that i would miss meat… particularly bacon… but i really haven’t had a hard time with it.

as i started cooking more and more plant-based meals, i noticed that all i really care about are the spices! as long as my food is spiced well, i don’t care what it is! plus, i was pretty much just using the same recipes i always used, i just wasn’t putting in the animal products. which is great because i was never a fan of the texture of meat or the taste of blood and don’t even get me started on how milk has ALWAYS grossed me out.

i know vegan is trendy right now and i kinda hope it stays that way.

because logically… why eat recycled nutrients when you can get them straight from the source? plus, humans are primates and most primates eat mostly fruit and veg.

Image result for primate teeth v human teeth

plus i’m a dirtwitch and i’m all about the environment and shiz like that and animal agriculture is the #1 planet killer. it fouls our water, uglies up our landscape and smells really, really bad… trust me, i’m from rural idaho where animal ag is huge. it stinks! not to mention the abhorrent conditions those poor beasties spend their lives in and the shitty treatment they receive.

i digress… i’ve also noticed that my post work-out recovery (when i do workout that is… #skinnyfatforlife) is shorter in duration and less painful!

also, adopting a more cruelty free lifestyle feels pretty good too!


if you’ve been considering going plant-based, i definitely recommend it! check out

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