Wild Phoenix

One of the things I love about Phoenix, and Arizona in general, is the focus on conservation. Large chunks of land set aside just for wilderness purposes.

Even smack in the middle of the city is a habitat restoration project that’s so precious! There are burrowing owl habitats, and waterfalls and riparian areas, the Audubon Sanctuary, Liberty Wildlife. All within a bike-ride from downtown!


It’s a wildlife viewing Haven in the city! And it’s so green! Within the couple of hours I was there, all the wildlife came out! Herons and lizards, rabbits, squirrels fish, owls, vultures, etc… It was awesome!

The Habitat Restoration’s purpose is to restore the habitats in the river bed of the Salt River. Unfortunately, since humans are greedy and there are WAY too many people talking over the desert ecosystem, the wildlife have suffered crazy losses and the Salt River is stressed the fuck out. You can actually SEE where the river just… ends…

Hopefully someday we can figure out ways to get energy and water (and maybe sensible population control) without drying out our rivers completely. It would be awesome to see the Salt and the Colorado and the Snake rivers roam free and wild!

Enjoy the photos! And if you visit the habitat, remember to Leave No Trace!

It’s tough to see but that’s a heron!
Burrowing owl habitats 🦉

Love and dirt,

Sarah Marie


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