The Gilbert Riparian Preserve | Introducing the #tinyadventures Initiative

Last Monday I got a chance to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in months because J.O.B.

and skool. And homework. And dating. And whatever other excuses I have for being terrible at keeping up with my preferred people. But to be fair to myself, I did work 260 hours last month with only 3 days off…

Anyway we were originally supposed to hoof it to Tucson for a Seven Falls hike but

A. Stitch needs an oil change like 4000 miles ago, and

B. I kinda had a panic attack the night before because I thought I was going to fail out of skool and was up all night long. Yeah, it was boolsheet.

So at 3 am I sent her a text letting her know I needed to bone out of the road trip and she suggested the Gilbert Riparian Preserve instead, which I was stoked for because I’ve been wanting to go!

Guys, this place is a bird watching paradise! Especially if you live in a desert and aren’t used to seeing water birds like heron and cranes and sandpipers. They sure were a sight for my sore eyes!


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