right now i live in phoenix, az and i’m focused on these things:

  • going on adventures around arizona!
  • going debt-free
  • helping people create space for a life they’ll love through simplification, personal finance and guided meditation.
  • saying yes to my heart
  • whatever quirky projects catch my eye – like making my own essential oil perfumes or curly hair products
  • reading
  • writing blog posts about all of it!

projects i’m working on:

  • Free To Breathe – a simple guide to creating space for a life you love
  • Vibe Meditation – guided meditations designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be

this list was written to keep me focused and on task. i’ll be updating this page any time my focus changes or i finish a project!

if you’d like progress updates on these projects or whatever else strikes my fancy, drop your email here (i don’t do spam, it’s not really food):