simple, secular holidays

one of the best things I've done to simplify my life was to replace faith with logic and reason. i was a member of a much less restrictive religion than Catholicism or born-again Christianity or Islam, though... i was an earth-loving, Goddess-worshiping, spell-casting Wiccan. it was a lot of fun and everything i did was [...]

how to find a seasonal job that’s worth a damn

seasonal jobs are the bread and butter of nomads like me: no trust fund, not an internet superstar, no crazy skills that lend themselves to travel. while seasonal jobs aren't exactly hard to come by, for the most part, hardly any of them are worth a damn.

it’s time to say yes to your heart – and your next adventure!

we all come to a point on our journey, many of us multiple times, where our hearts start to tell us that it's time to move on. it feels a little something like this: stuck lethargic drained hopeless depressed things that were important to us, no longer feel important, no matter how often we try [...]