what i’m doing now

for the rest of 2017 & into 2018, I’m going to try to do this thing where i focus my attention on only a couple of things instead of ALL THE THINGS. so besides occasionally posting here, these are the things I’m focusing on:

  1. working the baby steps to get out of debt and on the path to solvency
  2. i just re-enrolled in skool,  so i’m going to be focusing a lot of my time and energy on doing well so i can maybe have a career that i like someday.
  3. i’m writing a guide about how to make space for and create a kickass life. i plan to offer coaching to go along with it.
  4. i’m still going on adventures around arizona and taking pretty pictures as i go. check them out here and here.

that’s it! 4 things pared down from 20ish! look at me go!